Call For Articles

CAI-GRIE is seeking industry-related article submissions for its quarterly publication, Connect Magazine.

Submission Prompt:

  • Article submissions should be relevant to the HOA industry and written with HOA property managers and/or HOA board leaders as the intended audience.
  • Authors are asked to for articles to be written in a company-neutral tone, meaning that the article can NOT be focused on a the authors company and the services they provide in the same vein as an advertisement.
  • Article submissions are an opportunity for the author to explain common industry issues or give advice on specific topics relevant to Property Managers or Homeowner Leaders in a way that positions the author as the "authority" on the subject matter.
  • While the article must be written in a company-neutral tone, the authors name and company will always be listed under the headline and the authors bio with contact information will be listed at the end of the article so that they receive the proper credit and can be contacted by members. 

For examples of previous articles written, please visit Connect Magazine and see previous issues of Connect Magazine.

Submission Requirements:

  • Articles have a minimum length of about 700 words, but can also be longer.
  • Submissions must include
  • The authors name
  • The authors company
  • The authors credentials/designations (if applicable).
  • The authors photo/headshot (no less than 2 in. x 2 in. at 72 dpi)
  • Associated photos are always welcomed, but not required
  • Photos must be high resolution (no less than 8 in. x 10 in. at 72 dpi)

Submission Approval Process:

  • Articles must be submitted to with the subject "Connect Magazine Submission"
  • The article will be sent for review by the Editor.
  • The author will be notified upon approval
  • The article will be placed in the submission archive until it is published.
  • When the editor finds an appropriate issue to publish the article, the author will be notified.
  • Once the article is published, the author will receive a copy of the final article for their records.

On the next two pages, you will be asked for your contact information and you will be prompted to send us an email with the items listed in Submission Requirements section (above).

You can also choose to forgo this form and just send us an email with the items listed in Submission Requirements section (above).

For any questions, please contact the Chapter office at or 951-784-8613.


Thank You!